How do I know you are a legitimate?

USMX Solutions has a verifiable business account with PayPal. Has a registered EIN number with the Department Of The Treasury IRS and holds a Texas Sales and Use Tax Resale Certificate. Most importantly we have verifiable satisfied customers who are available to respond to inquiries.

What is manifested and unmanifested?

A manifest is a detailed list. Items that are manifested means the pallets or lots come with a list of the items that are inside. This usually includes item names or descriptions, quantities and original retail values (in many cases). Items that are not manifested means they come assorted, but with no detailed list of what is inside. While manifests are typically fairly detailed, they are not guaranteed but to be used as guidelines. Not every item listed on a manifest is 100% guaranteed to be in the lot. In the majority of cases, manifests are accurate but discrepancies can occur and are a normal part of purchasing liquidation goods.

What payments do you accept?

PayPal. A 2.9% fee will be added to your invoice
Bank transfer. Cost may include charges from your banking institution.
Direct Wells Fargo transfer. You can deposit at a Wells Fargo branch without cost or through internet bank to bank transfers depending on your institution policies of transfers to Wells Fargo

Am I taxed for my purchases?

  • By law in the state of Texas, we must charge sales tax when selling to Texas customers who do not have a resale license/resellers permit.
  • Customers who are NOT residents of Texas, who purchase online, via phone, email or fax, do not need to pay sales tax or to fill out any paperwork. Be sure check with your own state for your tax liability responsibilities

Do you have minimum purchase requirements?

•Manifested offers, their sizes and their prices vary from a few hundred pieces and pricing starting at $1,000.00. Manifested lots must be purchased in their entirety. Items within the manifest cannot be selected individually. Unmanifested lots have a $300.00 minimum

Can I expect items to be damaged?

Yes. We specialize in selling customer returns and liquidation products. If you purchase items that are classified as surplus or liquidated you should expect to receive a percentage of damaged items. We do not take these items back as it is understood as part of this industry that you will get items in a variety of conditions. All goods are sold as-is and all sales are final.

How can I find out what stock is available?

The availability of liquidation merchandise changes frequently throughout the day. As requested, a search for your desired merchandise will be ongoing every day until you have secured the merchandise that matches your criteria or until you advise a search is no longer needed. You will be sent manifested and un-manifested offers through email for your review as they come available.

Do your quoted prices include shipping?

Yes. But only at your request. The purchaser is responsible for and shall pay the cost of any and all shipping. This includes trucking, special handling (residential delivery, liftgate, and call for appointment), duties, and clearing cost. Our suppliers, at your request, can provide shipping services at discounted rates or you can arrange your own shipping. You can also pick up from our supplier warehouses if you prefer. Most of my strategic partners and suppliers can successfully supply goods to all domestic destinations and international destinations such as Central America, South America, Africa and the Middle East. My export supplier has been granted the distinction of becoming a bonded warehouse by US Customs and Border Protection.