USMX Solutions supplies surplus major department store and major dotcom retailer’s surplus closeouts, customer returns, shelf-pulls, discontinued items and overstocked merchandise at a fraction of wholesale costs.

The Truth?

CLOSEOUTS ARE NOT FOR EVERY RETAILER. Closeouts are not for those retailers who want 100% shelf ready merchandise. Closeout and liquidated merchandise have been handled at the retail level and in the case of store stock and customer return merchandise they have been handled by store staff and customers. You can expect a small percentage of merchandise that needs attention before you add them to your sales offers. The key to success is to reduce your risks when buying liquidated merchandise. USMX Solutions’ youngest source of brand name liquidated merchandise has been in business over 75 years. Our oldest source is over 100 years. That is as safe as it gets. Call us now.

What is your opportunity?

YOUR GREATEST OPPORTUNITY IS OUR STRENGTH. That is the opportunity to benefit from our consultation experience before you pull that buying trigger. We will first lead you through the learning curve and help you get true below wholesale prices to match your specific criteria. We can secure merchandise by the trailer loads, container loads or small lots for small and medium retailers like eBay, Amazon, garage and flea markets sellers as well as brick and mortar boutiques and other dotcom retailers. Getting the lowest price is easy. Choosing the perfect lot is an art we specialize in. Call us now!